Pest Control

HBC carries a complete line of pest control products to handle everything from annoying flies to pesky roaches to your typical mouse and rat infestation. With competitive pricing in any retail environment and easy-to-merchandise display cases, HBC has an unsurpassed line of pest control products.



Pest Guard® carries a full assortment of insect & moth control products, providing the ideal solution to a wide variety of pest control needs. From bug, roach and aunt killers to fly ribbon and swatters, moth killers, air fresheners and deodorizers, jet action sprays, boric acid, baited traps, bed bug sprays, insecticide bombs, fly swatters and cedar moth balls and hang-ups, our full range of products get the job done. .



Pest Guard® carries a full assortment of rodent control products in a variety of sizes and strengths to handle every need. From wooden traps and glue boards to baited mouse and rat trays, we carry the right product for the particular task.