Company History

In 1971, Howard Berger founded The Howard Berger Company (HBC) as many successful entrepreneurs have done; in his parent’s garage! From this humble beginning, the company grew very quickly by buying many different products that otherwise would have been discarded, fixing them up and reselling them to the local New York market. Having worked in the family hardware store as a youngster, his true love was still hardware, so Howard ventured back into the hardware business by creating Guard Security Hardware. Guard was one of the first importers of locks and builders hardware and quickly become an industry leader and recognized national brand name.

In the mid-1970's, Howard began a long history of acquiring related businesses with the purchase of the Domestic Broom and Brush Company. During the 1980's, Howard Berger Company made several acquisitions in the housewares market with the Metropolitan Housewares Company, the Nevco Housewares Company and Messina Bros. Company (professional cleaning products). In the 1990's, the acquisitions focused on plumbing products with the Acme Plumbing Company, Atlantic & Pacific Plumbing Supply and SFS Corporation who was a leader in retail packaged plumbing product. In 2005, HBC acquired Tamby Chemical Company, a manufacturer of environmentally friendly, non-toxic pest control products. In 2010, HBC became a major player in the paint applicator business with the acquisition of GAM (Great American Marketing) who had been an industry leader since 1979. In 2012 HBC solidified its position as the leader in security and builders hardware with the acquisition of Ultra Hardware Products.

In August 2012, Littlejohn & Co., LLC, a private investment firm based in Greenwich, CT, made an investment in HBC to help the company continue its growth momentum, and also to help identify acquisitions that will add new customers and channels, or significantly extend existing product lines.